Welcome to the Franklin County Genealogical Society's Website!

 Welcome to the website for the Franklin County Genealogical Society (FCGS) in Mt. Vernon, Texas. FCGS was founded in 1997.

Front display window and sign of the Franklin County Genealogical Society Research Room
Front display window and sign of the Franklin County Genealogical Society Research Room


FCGS was formed to aid those persons researching their families who have lived in Franklin County, Texas. As FCGS has continued to grow, its members and volunteers do research worldwide; this website's objective is to extend the Society's mission to an online audience. Please explore our website for more information about FCGS, as well as more information about Franklin County and additional genealogical resources. 

FCGS Podcast Episode

FCGS president Jana Capps and parliamentarian Don Easterling highlighted the Society's resources and holdings for an interview by host Ginny Fields for the "Lone Star Family Trails" podcast in June 2023. "FCGS has created a must-see place for individuals that have Franklin County ancestors." Read the write-up here on the Texas State Genealogical Society site, and explore more "Lone Star Family Trails" podcasts here.


FCGS publishes many books and research materials relating to Franklin County and surrounding counties. Below are a few samples of titles FCGS members have compiled and published. Please visit the FCGS Publications page for the complete publications list and order form, as well as more info about each available title.

Crescent Building Addition & Photo Gallery Timeline

The Society’s journey to expand our space began in June 2014. The Society’s original building at 110 E. Main St. had at one time been interconnected to 108 E. Main St., the site of the addition next door known as the “Crescent Building.” The renovation to once again reunite the two buildings was needed to expand the Society’s facilities and to better serve the community with an area for meetings of clubs or groups, as well as seminars and workshops on genealogical research. The cost of the "new" building was set at $50,000. To help pay for the cost and renovations of the new building, the “Crescent Club” project was formed October 7, 2015, by the FCGS Board of Directors, offering memberships to the first 50 individuals or families to donate $1,000 to the Building Fund since the date of the Club’s inception. In less than a year, the Franklin County Genealogical Society had passed the halfway mark of attaining its goal.


The Crescent Building officially opened in April 2018. The Society held its first seminar in the new space in July 2018. The building addition has three parts to it: The front part is for meetings, the middle part contains archives, and the back part is for storage. Enjoy the gallery below of photos documenting the Crescent Club membership drive and the renovations of the FCGS Crescent Building addition. Photos are organized by date, providing a visual timeline of the project.


FCGS meetings and programs are held every third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. All events are free and open to the public. Also view our Event Calendar page.

News & Updates

The quickest way to get FCGS news, events, and updates is through the FCGS Facebook page! Below, you can scroll through our latest posts. Also, if you have a Facebook account of your own, simply click the "Like" button to follow us on Facebook and get updates sent directly to your personal Facebook news feed.